Electronic Resources Updates

We will soon see changes in some of the commonly used databases and tools:

Music Index moving to EBSCO
EBSCO has purchased the Music Index from Harmonie Park Press, and this resource will be moving to the EBSCO platform by late February.  Also, we now have the Find It feature in Music Index, so that should make it easier to see if subscribe to periodicals you find there.

Importing from the catalog to RefWorks
The Endnote/RefWorks filter in Innovative has never worked properly with the newest versions of MLA and APA format in RefWorks (RW omits the date from these citations once they are formatted). We used to include both this filter and the “full display” filter in our BGSU-specific list in RefWorks, but since the EndNote/RefWorks one causes problems we have deleted it. Users should use the “full display” filter only.

RefShare now available
RefWorks has made RefShare, previously a paid subscription add-on, available to all RefWorks accounts. Our RefShare instance is live, and users may now choose to share specific folders or their entire RefWorks databases with other RefWorks users through urls or on the BGSU RefShare page . Take a look at this feature, and we will discuss it further at a reference meeting.

Thanks to Electronic Resources Coordinator Amy Fry for making and/or keeping track of all of these changes!