China Trip 2018

This is a picture of me at The Great Wall. Surprisingly, I got more than halfway up in that outfit!

Here is a photo of the Bell Tower lit up at night.

This picture is from the opening of the opera competition that we had the chance to go see.

This was from one of my favorite culture classes where we learned so much about tea and how important it is to China. Plus we got to sample many types of teas.

This is the best photo I was able to get of the Terracotta army. There were so many people trying to get pictures it was hard to take a good one.

This is Wendy (one of the amazing language partners) and I. She showed some of us around Xi’an on one of our first few days here. She helped us find everywhere we needed to go and was an amazing source of knowledge about Chinese culture!

This is just an amazing picture of Xi’an at night.

This photo was the example our instructor was giving us for how to paint in the Chinese style in one of our culture classes.

This is an example of one of the many street vendors that are all over in Xi’an!

This is the word that I chose to do while in our culture class that taught us about the art of calligraphy.

I knew that I had always wanted to come to China. It is a huge player in the world of international business. So much trade occurs between China and other countries. Knowing all this made me want to learn more about the culture in a more personal way compared to just learning about it on the internet or in a book. The many culture lessons we took were incredibly important in learning more about Chinese culture. I feel like I took a lot from the tea class we participated in considering I did not realize how much culture was behind tea in China. It was also nice learning about topics like paper cutting, painting, and calligraphy. However, out of all the classes we took, I believe the language classes were the most important classes. Although it was fun and interesting to learn about the cultural things I feel like it is most important to at least understand some Chinese if you are in China. Especially from a business perspective, it is almost vital to speak some Chinese when visiting or doing business with China. I only knew hello in Chinese when I first got there. However, now I know a much wider variety of phrases which I believe will possibly help me in the future as well. All of the museums were really informative and taught me even more about Chinese culture and history. In American schools we do not really learn much about Chinese culture and history so I was able to take a lot away from those visits. The Terracotta Warriors and The Great Wall were both spectacular and they were probably my favorite historical sites that we saw while in China. It was so interesting how we not only got to see the history and culture of China through museums, but also shows. The opera competition was very long but presented many stories that reflected Chinese history and culture. Along with that, “Everlasting Sorrow” was a breathtaking show and was just so amazing to watch. The fact that everything in the show was taken from a poem is crazy. One of my favorite activities we got to do was going on the company tour. I did love getting to experience China through the many cultural activities but it was also great to see the business side of the country too. It was great to see how an international business in China was run, especially since international business is one of my specializations. It really is shocking how much China influences other countries in the business world. Even with such a short visit to the company I feel like I was able to take so much away from the people there and the business as a whole. The fact that they offered possible internship opportunities to us was rather exciting and I would be extremely interested in hearing more about a possible internship at the company we visited in the future. The people there were extremely welcoming and just as excited to learn about me as an individual as I was to learn about their business. Overall, I gained so much more than I could have ever imagined from this experience. I am sure I learned so much more about Chinese culture and business compared to what I could learn from even the most extensive research at home in Ohio. The trip was one that I will never forget and I believe it helped me grow as an individual as well.

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