Mobility Print for Mac: black and white settings

Here are the instructions for setting up and printing with BGSU’s Mobility Print on a Mac computer. Mobility Print is used by students and faculty who are paying for print jobs with personal funds loaded in the BG Bucks section of the BG1 Card.

There is a special note regarding the color settings: “Please Note: Color prints are selected by default. To print in black and white, change these settings in your Printer Properties prior to printing your document.”

Except in Word, Excel and probably other Microsoft applications for Mac the color settings are missing from the printer properties section. In this circumstance, the easiest thing I’ve found to print black and white is to move the document into the Preview application and print. The color settings will be available there.

For example, if the document is in Word format, print as you normally would in Word (File menu – Print or command + P). Then go to the bottom left corner of the print window, click on the “PDF” popup menu, select “Open in Preview”, and the Preview application will open the document for you.

Select print while in Preview (File menu – Print or command + P), click on “Show Details”, and now the color settings will be available for you to change from color to black and white.

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