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Posted in About Me on January 24th, 2011 by Thomas Schmeltz

Thomas Schmeltz

What’s up everyone! My name is Thomas Schmeltz and I am a sophomore journalism major here at BGSU. Here’s a little bit of background about myself: I’m from the small town of Pemberville, and attended Eastwood High School, just outside of Bowling Green. While in high school I played baseball and golf. Not only do I love those two sports, but I also love nearly every other sport. I find almost all competiton to be very compelling. Now that my baseball playing days are over, I have decided to begin coaching. I coached one year of little league baseball with my bestfriend and BGSU football player, Clay Rolf. After that season, I decided to begin helping my uncle coach the American Legion baseball team in my hometown of Pemberville. Coaching the American Legion team is a great experience because it allows me to be around the game that I still love, and it allows me to meet great, new people when we are on the road for our trips. Prior to attending BGSU I studied journalism and promotional communications at Cleveland State University for one year before moving back to the Bowing Green area. Living in Cleveland had its ups and downs. On one end of the spectrum, it was really nice to be out living on my own, but on the other end of the sepctrum, i realized how much I missed my friends from back in my hometown area. That’s basically the main reason I came back home and decided to go to BGSU. Plus, the education here at BG is much better than at Cleveland State, so it worked out in my favor both ways.

Since moving back to the area and enrolling at BGSU, I was recently hired as a sports writer for The Sentinel-Tribune newspaper which is based here in BG. For me, this is a huge thrill because it is the perfect job for me. I have aspired to be a sports writer since I was in the eighth grade, and now that I have already achieved that goal, I cannot help but be excited to see what my future has in store for me, as I now have bigger and better goals to achieve. At the newspaper I mainly cover high school sports, but sometimes I get the opportunity to write feature articles on people and/or BGSU events. Just an example; I wrote a feature about the men’s club rugby team being ranked No. 1 in the nation. By the way, all of my work can be found at the newspaper’s website.

As you might have noticed from reading before, my favorite sport is baseball. Therefore, I will be basing this blog on current news in the world of baseball from free agent signings, to trades, to rumors, all the way to teams that are playing well/not so well. This should be a pretty fun blog that is intended to keep readers informed in the world of baseball, so I will do my very best to serve its pupose. Enjoy!

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