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Eating Through College

College students are notorious for the creative ways that they make meals out of what they have.  Unfortunately, these meals aren’t exactly the best of sorts.

Your typical college kid has a diet that consists of Ramen noodles and the McDonald’s Dollar Menu.  This type of diet isn’t ideal for anyone, no matter what type of budget one may have.

When asked how well she eats, BGSU student Chelsea Bates stated, “The only time I really have quality food is when my mom brings up some when she visits.”

With the prices of food around Bowling Green State University’s campus at a ridiculous high, it’s difficult for students to eat well while on a budget.

With two weeks still left in the semester, Freshman Ayesha explains, “I’m constantly borrowing others’ meal plan money.  It’s difficult.”

Though students may have these different meal plans, the price of food on campus can make it very difficult to eat well.

Most of the places for students to get food are either dining halls or convenience stores.  However, the prices at these locations may be significantly higher than one would find at a local grocery store.

It’s difficult sometimes, to understand why convenience stores would cost more.  Jill Jaksetic, a student manager at the on-campus convenience stores, stated that there are many reasons why prices are so high.

Jaksetic explained that grocery stores have the capacity to buy in bulk, where convenience stores generally do not.  She stated, “Because they can receive huge shipments in at a time, they get charged less by the companies they purchase the food from.”

Jaksetic also explained that the company that owns BGSU convenience stores, Chartwells, is under contract to only buy from a specific distributor, Coremark.  Because their locations are few and far between, it costs them more to deliver.

“Grocery stores have their own shipping methods…that helps them cut the costs to get the food to their stores from the vendors,” Jaksetic explained.

Because of these reasons, the BGSU convenience stores must raise their prices to make a profit.

Though students at BGSU have a meal plan that allow their meals to be paid through their tuition, students are still paying more for their food.

Until the issues that raise prices are resolved, they will remain that way for students for years to come.


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