Say ‘cheese’: Interview with BG News photographer Byron Mack

The field of journalism is changing, and that requires people who are used to writing to take up photography and amateur filmmaking.

When I tried to cover my first photography story at BGSU’s Dance Marathon, it was a disaster. Taking people’s pictures and approaching them for permission just felt weird.

Naturally, I felt like this would be a great thing to discuss with a more experienced photographer, and BG News photographer Byron Mack was kind enough to offer his insight as I followed him to the Resident Student Association’s Pancake Bash.

About Bobby Waddle

Bobby Waddle is a third-year print journalism student at Bowling Green State University.
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2 Responses to Say ‘cheese’: Interview with BG News photographer Byron Mack

  1. Lemerou says:

    I’m a very shy guy myself and i have to say that even after all these years i still struggle against my shyness when i have to do portrait work.

  2. Bobby Waddle says:

    Thank you for checking out the site. I hope you have found some of the other stuff here helpful as well. What kind of portraits do you create?

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