Take a walk and cool down

Being shy can be very frustrating, especially if you have an intense personality and your emotions often get the best of you.

I belong in this category, as I have always been short-tempered. Whenever I get angry, I feel an intense urge to throw things, knock things down and scream.

Ultimately, I just need to move.

This is where taking a nice walk helps me. It not only allows me to blow off the energy of the day, but it also allows me to think about my situation and do some other things as well.

There are obvious physical benefits to walking such as weight loss. However, this website also states that walking allows the heart to work more efficiently, allowing for oxygen to travel much easier through the body.

This added oxygen relaxes muscles and the brain, allowing for stress and negative thoughts to be reduced, and the release of endorphins make it possible for happy thoughts to overtake negative ones.

Most importantly, walking gives me time to think about the events of the day and put them in perspective while providing a pleasant outdoor breeze and scent, getting those endorphins going.

The campus at Bowling Green State University offers some great sights to take in, particularly during the evening. There is nothing better than heading out to the track out by Doyt-Perry Stadium (particularly when I am in the mood for a run) on a spring evening. The openness of the field and its proximity to the freeway gives me a sense of ease, particularly hearing the gentle roar of the cars going by.

However, sometimes there are places that I am able to stop and chat with people, because I often get hungry and wander into a store, and it is here that I usually run into people I know, and I am able to talk to them about my day.

And, you never know, you might run into someone new somehow.

About Bobby Waddle

Bobby Waddle is a third-year print journalism student at Bowling Green State University.
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