Featured Celebrity: Bruce Springsteen

A few years ago, I received a Christmas present from my mother, The Bruce Springsteen Scrapbook by Hank Bordowitz. It was an engaging read, not only because Springsteen is one of the most successful rock stars in the country, but also because the book described his awkward childhood and adolescence. In high school, he was described as a quiet guy who didn’t really stand out. However, he was passionate about his love of rock and roll, and he spent most of his days practicing his guitar. Soon enough, Springsteen’s abilities began to garner him a reputation for performing. One of his friends said that putting him on stage was like plugging him in. He “lit up.”

Check out this video to see what he eventually grew into, and realize that you too can find a literal “outlet” for your passions.

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Bobby Waddle is a third-year print journalism student at Bowling Green State University.
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