Hello! My name is Bobby Waddle, as you may have already read on the about the author section of this blog. However, I imagine the reason you probably stumbled upon this page was a Web search on the subject of shyness. As a very shy person myself, I can honestly say that I have no trouble expressing my thoughts on paper for everyone to read. As an aspiring journalist, writing is one of my strengths.

That is the main point of this blog. While it can often be frustrating and sometimes miserable to be shy, we all have strengths to be proud of that shyness can even enhance.

Think about it. By staying quiet all day and keeping my thoughts inside, it makes me eager to get them out. Since I am good with words, it makes me more patient when I consider what I will say later on, especially when I type them. I often get compliments for my eloquence.

The problem with this is even though I am complimented for most of the things I say, I don’t say very much.

While I can blather for hours on end to a computer monitor, I often clam up whenever I come across someone I do not know very well. I often cannot say anything or even look the person in the eye, and I wonder how other people can do it with such ease. When I’m told by some people that it’s not easy, I just have to wonder how they make it look so natural.

This is often because I am always afraid that I will look weird walking up to a stranger and speaking first. I feel comfortable typing on this blog because you clicked on it first, giving me a reason to open my mouth (or type away, if you will).

Here is what I propose. Since all of us are looking for a way to open up a bit more, I figured I would put my journalistic skills to good use and interview psychiatric professionals and even the average citizen about getting through the busy social world of college. Subjects that you can expect to have covered include:

Eye Contact
Body Language (big one!)
How to act at parties
Where to seek help
Testimonials from other shy people
…and more to come! Happy Reading!

About Bobby Waddle

Bobby Waddle is a third-year print journalism student at Bowling Green State University.
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