Oct 16 2009

Brooklyn Faces Growing Pains Reflection

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Attention RTD 4839 Students:  This is an example of how to write a post, create a category, publish and share your thoughts with the rest of the class (and even the world). Use the editing toolbar above just like in WORD, insert links to references, and be sure to support opinions with facts directly from the video, class discussion and external refrences.

Check out the VIDEO again as a refresher.

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Sep 07 2009

Favorite Videos

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Michael Jackson Plays the Super Bowl
I love Michael Jackson, what can I say, I grew up in the 80’s.

Flash Mob – November 14, 2010 – Messiah
Regardless of your religion, this is really neat!

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Feb 16 2009

Blogging for Learning

After conducting a straw poll of senior students in a Fall 2008 course, and learning that not one of them knew what a wiki was, and that none of them were “bloggers”, I decided to make a major change to my syllabus for RTD 483; a blog was added as one of the major assignments.

During the first few weeks of class, a lab training session was held.  Some students caught on right away and have been very creative with their blogs.  Others struggled and have attended office hours or stayed after class to ask questions.  All however, have managed to get their BGSU blogs up and running and are at least using them to post reflections about class materials.  So far, the blogs are a success because the students are learning new technology and they are engaging more fully with the course content.

Fall 2009 represents the second semester of this process and it is going well.  I’m also realizing two other benfits; a reduction in paper waste and interactive grading.  I can post comments and encourage students responses.  This facilitates deeper critical thinking and …  35 students x 10 assignments = 1 ream of paper saved!

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Jan 27 2009

Fun Ways to Teach and Learn



This video is a classic example of my philosophy of teaching and learning; it has to be fun and there is always a way to make it more memorable.  This video clip of the Anamaniacs is a favorite of my daughter who easily memorized the song as a way to learn the nations of the world.  A goal in all of the classes that I teach is to find ways to bring basic concepts in the curriculum to life.  Tours, guest speakers, videos, and variances in class designs are all means through which I do this at BGSU.

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