Getting Started

Here’s a great How To video

  • Director: Ewan Jones Morris
  • Voiceover: Huw Stephens
  • Music: Truckers of Husk
  • Audio Recording: Andy Davidson


Any media (books, LPs, CDs) are fair game for your pics as long as they’re taken in a library of some sort.

Our favorite file size is 411 x 547

Email submissions to

Include any or all of the following information:

  • Credits – names of photographers, models, arms, etc…
  • Library name
  • Album title of the LP used in the pic
  • Your title for the pic
  • PermaLink to the item in your library’s catalog (if the item is from a library’s collection)

*Note: Pictures may occasionally be rehosted on with credits and a link back to our blog.

Need some ideas? Check out our Potentials page.

Want to recruit in your library? Here are some posters (click on image to view and download full size).

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