Live from the ArtsX Part X

In this photo, clockwise: Leonard Logsdon, Khani Begum, Emma Norton,  and MK Winstead (featured in the Judds and Dolly Parton).

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2 Responses to Live from the ArtsX Part X

  1. dave sennerud says:

    Cool concept for a blog. Congrats on the recent national media mentions!

    The Ted Nugent “Cat-Scratch Fever” album is a natural for this – and it’s even better when fully opened. When I was younger we used to use it to scare my mother. We used to have a large piece of furniture with the stereo controls inside. The covered opening to access the stereo was about the same size as the open Nugent sleeve. Imagine my mother’s shock to see a crazed Ted Nugent when she had only intended to turn on the radio. With the lid open, and Ted inside, it looked like a coffin.

    Fun stuff here. Keep it up!

  2. clevels says:

    I think finding Ted Nugent in the stereo would almost put me off my radio. Thanks for the comments, Dave!

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