How To Speech

May 3rd, 2009 by ktwilso

This speech was by far the best speech that I did but it was the hardest one form me to do. It was hard for me to show the class directions as well as say my speech.  I worked very hard on the speech but I felt that without the props I didn’t get my poing across the way i wanted to. I really had fun with this speech.

Some strenghts that i had as a speaker were I knew the subject I was speaking about from personal experience. I was able to show everyone how to do it as well as give them tips on how not to fall. My speaking skills are still improving and it will continue to get better.

Some areas I need to improve on are still to work better with notes and to relax. It is still hard for me to use notes and to write speech outlines but I’m getting better everytime I do it.

I feel I did very well but I feel I still need to work on my speaking skills. My overall experience is getting better and this can only help me to do well in the future. 





Group speech 2

April 8th, 2009 by ktwilso

Group speech 2 was by far the best speech that we did as a group. We got to choose something that we could all relate to and we had a great chemistry as a group. We did not wait until the last minute to prepare and we worked together. We helped each other and it worked out. We learned from our mistakes in our last speech and we fixed them in this speech.

Some strenghts that i had as a speaker were I learned how to use note cards to my advantage. I was able to get into character, project, and I kept eye contact with my audience. My speaking skills are improving and it is showing when I get in front of the class.

Some areas I need to improve on are still to work better with notes and to relax when I am speaking. I need to let my words flow and relate more to my audience but I do feel that I am improving.

Our team has really improved and i feel that we did very well. We still need to practice more before presenting and get our timing down so we won’t go over or not use enough time.

My overall experience was a lot beter than before and we only can keep getting better.






Speech 2 Reflection- Chapter 9

March 5th, 2009 by ktwilso

On Monday March 2, 2009, I participated in my first group speech of the class. I was very interesting to work with a group of people who were totally different. When we were up in front of the class we were still not 100% prepared and did not know what to expect. We had a short chapter and we were trying to fluff up our individual parts of the speech to make the time. We still did not make it. We learned a lot from our first time. We know what we need to change for our next speech to be better prepared and get a higher grade.

From my view I feel that having note cards in my hands are very distracting so I decided to use the PowerPoint as my guidance. That did not work the way i planned. I felt that I did not have as much eye contact and it looked like I didn’t know what i was talking about. I’m working on how to balance note cards as well as a PowerPoint presentation. I feel that the next time I have to speak i will be even better than I was in my first two speeches.

Introduction Speech Reflections

February 11th, 2009 by ktwilso

Wednesday was my first speech in front of the class. Although I am usually comfortable with speaking in front of an audience, I was a little more nervous than usual. The subject of my speech was a change from my ordinary style. I decided to take a more serious approach and I feel that the difference made me nervous.

I was scrambling my thoughts at the last minute. Although I was prepared when I got in front of the class I had so much more to say. That is probably why I went over my time by three seconds. I feel that the more I speak the better i will be and I will be more comfortable with my audience.

Class Reflection 1/21/09

January 26th, 2009 by ktwilso

The last class had one thing that stood really stood out to me. When we all gave our opinion on the different ethics and rules we should have in the class was a very interesting concept. By letting the class decide what is right gives them input in what we need to do and it also helps us to work together on a common belief  that we all will follow to achieve peace and respect in the class. I feel that every course should work more with the students in the class to see what the feel is right and how they feel they should act in the class.

It’s Me. . . Kristina Wilson

January 19th, 2009 by ktwilso


My name is Kristina Wilson. I am from Detroit Michigan. I am a sophomore Sport Management major. When I leave BGSU I would like to go to law school and pursue a career in sports law as a sports agent. I love sports and can’t wait to represent athletes on the professional level.

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