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Who to follow on Twitter.

Filed under: Public Relations — Kelsey Kula at 11:04 pm on Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Before taking this class I never thought of Twitter as a place to brand myself for future employers or to follow people who are experts in social media or public relations. I thought of Twitter as just a place to update what I am doing to my friends and to see what new celebrity gossip is rising to the surface. After taking this class I realized that Twitter is a useful tool that I was not using the right way or taking advantage of. There are many individuals on Twitter that everyone should follow for information and updates on social media.

@MyLifeUS is a great example of a Twitter account that should be followed and is one of my favorite accounts for new information on social media. They have roughly 5,000 followers and over 1,000 tweets. Their biography on their page is “Get all your social network updates and email messages all in one place, and discover personal and work contacts you won’t find anywhere else — 700M+ profiles.” They have their website linked to their account for individuals who are interested in more information.

MyLife.com is a website that will link all of your accounts together so you can manage them on one website. You can find employers, classmates, or friends. What I like best about this Twitter account is that it has information about social media linked to articles for more details.

Some of the topics that MyLife.com covers are branding yourself, new Facebook updates, and also promoting joining their website. When they have a tweet about their own website they use the hashtag, #mylife. This links all of those tweets together so if someone is interested in joining their website they can click on the hashtag and get all of the details in one place.

The articles they link in their tweets are useful and relevant to college students. I personally have been following MyLife.com for awhile and continue to keep updated with their tweets. They have been a little slow on posting and I think that they should be at least posting once a day. The last tweet I saw was posted on Nov. 15, but besides that MyLife.com knows how to capture attention and provide useful information and updates about social media.

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