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GE success on Pinterest

Filed under: Public Relations — Kelsey Kula at 6:28 pm on Saturday, October 20, 2012

On social networking websites, it is rare for a company to not solely be focusing on promoting their products. General Electric is one of a few companies that have had major success on Pinterest because it chose to go down a different path, inspiring others, which also promotes their brand in a more natural way.

GE has very few pins or boards about their products. The majority of their pins are inspirational about their founder, Thomas Edison, going green, curing diseases, or building amazing machines. They have 12,006 followers today and after looking at their different boards I was quick to follow them as well. I actually got lost for about an hour just looking at pin after pin. GE knows how to capture an audience, create relationships and not pressure followers to just buy their products. A relationship more meaningful than just business and customer is made from their account on Pinterest.

Some of GE’s more popular boards are Badass Machines, That’s Genius!, and #GEInspiredME. Badass Machines is a collection of pictures that just blow my mind. It has a wide variety of different machines and parts with a creative touch to them so it draws a person’s attention. That’s Genius! is one of my personal favorites. This board is all about their founder, Thomas Edison, and inspirational quotes to go along with the pictures. One of their more interactive boards is the one titled #GEInspiredME. A collection of 96 artistic fan photos fills this board. Every photo is creative, beautiful and helps GE fans feel like they mean something to the company.

General Electric is successful on Pinterest because they did not make their page all about them. They thought about their fans and audience before creating a single board. Interesting and involving your audience is a smart way to build your follower list and create a relationship with potential clients and customers.

15 thoughts on “GE success on Pinterest


       Asia Rapai

    October 22, 2012 @ 1:06 pm   

    It is interesting to see how different businesses try to use new social media tools. GE sounds to have done this successfully in that it has a well-thought out Pinterest presence that puts off a specific tone. This just provides another way to strengthen the company’s brand and connect to the audience, without even having to create a lot of well-thought out material to do so. This is a cool example of something different that a company is doing well to strengthen its image and create brand loyalty.



    October 22, 2012 @ 6:04 pm   

    What a different and attention-grabbing technique GE used here. This is unlike any other marketing campaign I have ever come across. We all love Pinterest, but to use it in a way other than self-promotion was intriguing. I feel like they really wanted to grab customers interests and make each post relatable to not only GE, but life in general. The use of inspiration quotes is what really drew me in to their Pinterest, making me forget that it was promoting GE products.


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