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NBA Season Starts on Christmas
December 7, 2011, 9:46 am
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Lakers Kobe Bryant Source: NBC Sports

NBA players and owners have finally reached an agreement to end the 149-day lockout.

Christmas Day will mark the opening of the 2011-2012 NBA season, according to a press release from ESPN MediaZone.

There are four games scheduled for Christmas Day, which include  the Dallas Mavericks vs. the Miami Heat, the Chicago Bulls vs. the L.A. Lakers, the Orlando Magic vs. the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Golden State Warriors vs. the Los Angeles Clippers, according to the press release.

ABC and ESPN will be showcasing the Christmas Day games.

These games are thought to be compelling due to the rematch between the Mavericks and the Heat and with the Lakers deputing new coach Mike Brown, according the the press release.

NBA fans now have something more to do on Christmas than open presents, which is sit back and watch the NBA showcases on ABC and ESPN.



70 thoughts on “NBA Season Starts on Christmas

  1.    Billy Homes 01.17.12 @ 7:44 am      

    I am so happy that eventually there was an agreement and there is no better time for this news than Christmas – as if this is a present to all the fans!

  2.    Baric 02.23.12 @ 8:54 am      

    The problem with the lockout, ultimately, for me is it tested that empathy in a way that felt unfair. The way I had to wonder about labor conditions and fair pay and rights in the workplace — it all made me uncomfortable that I didn’t know more about labor conditions and fair pay and rights in the workplace as they pertain to jobs and industries where those issues are actually serious problems.

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