Alumna moves from in front of the camera to behind the plate

Colleen Rerucha

Colleen Rerucha, 2006 journalism graduate

by Crystal Chlebina
Reporting Student

Colleen Rerucha, ’06, is an excellent example of a graduate who has achieved her dreams.

Starting out in television, Rerucha today works with Toledo’s minor league baseball team, the Toledo Mud Hens.

Rerucha, who graduated in broadcast journalism, said above all communicating with people has always been her passion.

“I was always that girl in class who loved talking on the phone and had a ton of notes to pass with friends,” Rerucha said with a laugh. “My love for communication is what inspired me to major with communications and specifically in broadcast journalism.”

Rerucha began her career first as a sports reporter in Lima, Ohio, during her senior year at BGSU. After graduation, she then took a job as a news reporter at WTOL, Toledo, Ohio.

In 2012, Rerucha received the offer to work with the Mud Hens and made the switch to a new field and job.

“You could just tell she was going to do well in life,” said Julie Hagenbuch, one of Rerucha’s professors at BGSU. “She always came to class prepared, enthusiastic and participating. She was professional even as a student.”

At her current position with the Toledo Mud Hens, Rerucha said there is never a typical dull day, which she loves.

She said some of her main day-to-day responsibilities include working with season ticket and suite holders, helping to coordinate special events, assisting with the Mud Hens communications and helping to write different newsletters and emails.

With so many responsibilities within her job, it is hard to imagine having a life outside of it. However, Rerucha effectively balances her work with the Mud Hens and her family life.

Rerucha met her husband when they worked together at Channel 11 News. They have a 4-year-old and a 2-year-old.

“The Mud Hens is truly a family-friendly organization. It is not unusual for people to have their kids with them in the office,” Rerucha said. “We try to be family-oriented with all of our fans.”

Not only is the Rerucha’s family able to visit her in the office, but her children and husband are able to enjoy the games together.

“The job itself has been a great opportunity; my husband is able to bring our kids to the games while I’m working so I can see them,” Rerucha said. “I think that everyone is working on finding the right balance between work and family. Having them there at the games is a great way to balance both.”

Andi Roman, who has worked with Rerucha since she landed her first job at WTOL, now works at the Toledo Mud Hens with her. Roman said what makes Rerucha so special is the dedication and passion she has about what she does.

“Colleen is a hometown girl and is a great cheerleader for our community,” Roman said. “From going to high school here, then BGSU, and now raising her family here, we should be very happy she stayed in Toledo and is adding to our community.”

When it comes to the challenges within Rerucha’s current job at the Mud Hens, she said she has very little to complain about.

“I think that there are challenges that come with any job,” Rerucha said. “Each challenge that I am given at my job always seems to be a fun one. My co-workers and I work to find ways each season to be more creative and different than the one before. We work to keep the environment fresh and exciting.”

The optimistic and uplifting spirit behind Rerucha’s work makes not only the job more beneficial for herself, but her coworkers as well.

“Colleen brings such heart to any organization and is always looking for the good in stories she tells,” Roman said. “She is a warm person who people are automatically drawn to.”

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