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How to do well in ESOL 1000

             Hello, welcome to ESOL 1000 class.We will learn grammar and write assignments and blog posts in the class. This class is a fun class, but in order to do good is not that easy. There are few things you need to follow.

First is academic honesty, it means you must not copy somebody’s work and you need to cite the resources you use in your assignments. If you have dishonest academic behavior, you will get in big trouble. You may even get a zero for your grade.

Second is well prepare, before go to the classes make sure you finish your homework. We have a lot class activities from the homework.You should finish your homework that can make you study in the class more efficiently.

If I have another chance to take this class again I will work hard on my homework especially the Essay,I will pay more attention on group discussion.I have better writing skill, but my grammar still not good enough. The blog post is a very good strategy that I should practice a lot, I will have better grammar after my practices.

Finally I improved my English skill in this class especially the blog posts, I gain interest in English by writing difference topic.By the way this class is full of passion and challenges, I wish you will do well in this class. Good luck!

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Academic honesty

    Hello, Antonio. Welcome to the BG writing class. We will learn grammar and write assignments and blog posts in the class. There is an important rule in the class, academic honesty. Academic honesty means you must not copy somebody’s work and you need to cite the resources you use in your assignments. Academic honesty is very important in United States classes. If you have dishonest academic behavior, you will get in big trouble. You may even get a zero for your grade. That is why you should follow the academic honesty rule.My advice to you would be to always cite your resources. If you have any questions or are confused by anything you can ask me.

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I am interested in Geology major. I like to study rock and fossil. The necessary skills I need a good observation. There arent many fossils in the ground.I need to find and dig it.I need to have this skill to be successful in this major.

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Blog post 4

Thumbs up gesture difference

When we want to praise someone, we always use thumbs up gesture to them. Thumbs up means you did the good job in United States and many other countries, but this is not a good meaning in Greece. I have a classmate from Greece, and he is a very good student. Our teacher always thumbs up to him. He was very upset for that,he told me because in Greece this mean “Up yours” Similar with the slang “go to hell”. So never do this gesture when you go to Greece.

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Blog post 3

Lord of the Rings

My favorite movie is Lord of the Rings. It is a historical fantasy movie. When I saw the movie for the first time, I was fascinated by the beautiful castles and amazing weapons. The fighting scene is the best part of the movie. And the background music made me feel like I was in the movie. These are the reasons why I love this movie.


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Underground house is attractive to me

If you need me to choose environment I prefer, I will definitively choose underground house.These are the reasons why I prefer underground houses.
First, I was a bad kid in my elementary school, so the teachers would do a house visit to talk with my parents. I could predict that I will get a lot of punishment after my teacher left. I hope my house is located in underground so that my teachers would not be able to find the house.
Second, I used to be a foreign exchange student, and studied in Michigan for one year. My host family’s house had two floors, one floor was above ground and the other on was underground. My host parents and I lived upstairs. My host parent’s daughter’s family lived downstairs, during the winter time. Michigan is cold that’s similar to Ohio, especially the upstairs of the house. The chilly winds would go straight into my room.The downstairs was a lot warmer, notwithstanding both stairs are wooden structure. When we were having a fire downstairs. I think the best thing I enjoyed about the winter was just sitting around the fire and drinking hot chocolate.
These are the reasons why I would prefer to live in a underground house over an above ground house.

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Mrs. Sanin

She was my English teacher in my senior year of high school. She is a teacher that very enjoys her job and she treats every student equally. When I came to America to study, I had many problems. She always has some great ideas to solve my problems and she has the same background as me. She was from Cuba, she moved to United State since she was 12.This made her more understand us. She has the good teaching style she always uses her self’s experience. For example, when we reading a book there are many words we don’t understand. She will use her experience like how she memorize the vocabulary’s definition. And we follow the way she said it’s help us a lot. During my senior year, I needed to apply college, and my college’s recommendation letter was write by her. She is my favorite teacher in my student life.

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Personal introduction

Hello everyone! This is my first post in the blog where I will be posting some exciting things I learn in my ESOL 1000 class.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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