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Speech #4 Blog

Monday, April 20th, 2009

I felt that this was my best speech that I have done up to this point in the class.  I had no anxiety during this speech before, during, or after.  I felt like I was very thorough during my demonstration and was able to explain the painting process in a good way.  I felt like my visuals helped aid me in my presentation, they allowed me to better explain the different steps in the painting process.  I also feel like I was able to get the audience involved by asking them a few questions and picking a volunteer to demonstrate how to hold a paint brush properly. 

Even though this was my last speech as for the class, I do think their is always room for improvement.  I feel like I used the things like “um” and “like” a lot.  This is a bad habit for me when I am talking in front of people.  I have a few presentations left this semester in other classes and I plan to try and improve myself through them.  I will take the feedback from the class as well as my professor and try to work on those areas during my next two presentations in those other classes. 

I did feel that this experience with this speech was an overall good one.  I felt confident and felt like I was able to connect with the audience more than any of my other speeches.  I think that each one of my speeches have improved a lot as this semester has progressed.  I can think back to the first one and realize how much this class has helped me.  I would recommend this class to anyone who gets nervous talking in front of large groups of people.

Speech #3 Blog

Monday, April 6th, 2009

Overall, I thought this speech went much better than our last one did.  I personally feel that my speaking skills have improved much better since the beginning of the semester.  I was extremely nervous during my first speech this semester.  I did not feel nervous at all during this speech #3 last Wednesday when we presented.  I feel I have progressed a little each time I had to speak in front of the class.  I felt that my individual strength as the speaker was that I was able to connect with the audience better than I did on the last speech.  I seemed to keep everyones’ attention when I was giving my part of the presentation. 

We presented very well as a team, and especially compared to last time.  Our last speech was a disaster because we went way under on the time.  One thing we did well as a team, is that we practiced our presentation before we actually gave it in class.  We all individually practiced our sections before we met up and practiced together.  This ensured we would hit the time limit and let the entire presentation flow better.

One of the areas I can personally improve myself on for the next speech, is I can try to put less information on my note cards.  I feel that I put too much information on my note cards this past time, so I kept glancing down at them a little too much.  As a team I think we could have improved a little.  We did not finish everything we wanted to because we started to run over on time.  We could have made it a little shorter.  As a group, we feel that this speech was a success because we all played our part very well, especially compared to the last speech.

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