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Presentation #2- Organizing the Body

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

I felt that my speaking skills have impoved a lot since my last speech.  For as short as my section was, I felt like I made good hand gestures and eye contact.  I think our team did a good job presenting under the circumstances.  We did not all have a chance to meet up together and go through everything before class.  We divided all of the sections up right before class when we started our speech.  I feel that we had a good visual aid to hand out to the entire class.  We printed off a copy of the powerpoint so everyone in the class could follow along and take notes to help them for the future.

I felt that it was easier presenting with my group then it was when I presented by myself.  This way the spot light was not on me the entire time.  We could collaborate as a group and help each other out to make the speech flow to the audience better.  One thing I could do better next time, is to have my section prepared better.  If I had my section totally prepared, I would not have had to look down at my notes at all.  I believe that speeches are more powerful to the audience when you do not have to use the notecards during a presentation.

I think there are some areas that are team can improve on before next presentation.  I think it would be a great idea if we did not meet at the last minutes like we did this time.  If someone could not make it, we could just reschedule to meet up again at another time.  I also think it would be a great idea if we had our entire outline and presentation structured at least one week before we actually give our speeach #3.  This would give us the entire last week to practice and make sure we do an excellent job conveying to the audience.  We will also make sure that we hit the time limit, unlike this time.

Even though the speech did not go exactly the way I wanted it to, I did have a great overall experience during this speech.  I was amazed that I could actually talk in front of people with out getting nervous.  I was not worried about what other people thought at all.  I am amazed that I can actually talk in front of a group of people with my voice cracking.  My first speech made me a little nervous and my voice cracked some at the beginning.  I feel that this class is really helping me become a better public speaker and I am glad I signed up for it.  I have no doubt that I will improve myself further in speach #3.

Introduction Speech 1

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

So, I am glad I finally am done with my speech.  I tend to get very nervous right before I talk in front of a group of people.  When I first started my speech tonight I felt very nervous, My voice started to crack, my hands started shaking, and my heart started beating rapidly. 

I feel like I was over thinking how I was doing to much instead of just giving my speech.  Eventually, I started to feel more confident and just went ahead and finished my speech and was able to relax more.  The reason I am taking this class is to feel more confident talking in front of groups of people.  I think I am one step closer, however I still need a lot more practice.

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