Speech #4

   For Speech 4 I feel like I did a really good hob explain my three main points I had about checks. I feel as though these points were clear when I explained them. I know my topic wasn’t overly complicated , which made it easier to talk about the subject since I was very familiar with it. Some of my strengths I think were my tone, I think that everyone was able to hear me and I also think that I spoke clearly. 

  Some of my weaknesses I think might have been that I spoke a little fast.I know already they I have a tendency to speak fast, but I feel as thought I didn’t talk as fast as I have been for previous speeches. One other weakness I think I did was use my hands too much to the point where it could have been distracting to some people in the audience. 

  For future speeches I know that I have to start speaking slowly so my points are clear and the audience can understand me and my topic. I know that I have to practice a few days before my speech  in order to perfect it. 

  My overall opinion on this speech is I think it was one of the best I have given compared to other speeches. Other speeches I feel like I was not as prepared as I was for this one, maybe because this speech I didn’t have any group members to depend on. I feel like I really knew my facts and what I was talking about.  I feel like I really slowed my pace down and took my time to explain things to my audience. Overall, I am really happy with outcome of my speech. I also like that fact that I didn’t have to depend on group members and they didn’t have to depend on me, I feel like that was less stressful.

2nd Group Presentation

I really enjoyed this presentation, it allowed us all to be creative and think outside the box with ideas. I feel like some of my strengths for this project included my input of a stereotype of a cheerleader, seeing as how I was not a cheerleader in high school it allowed me to really give a good perception of what I thought cheerleaders were like. I thought my speaking tone was good and I really tried this time to slow my speech down in order for everyone to understand me. 

I feel as a team we did an excellent job presenting. I thought each of us came up with really creative idea’s about our characters so that it was easy to tell who we were trying to portray within our speech. All of my group members came up with excellent brainstorming ideas. I feel like we could have used a little extra time to really get our presentation together, but in the end it did work out for the best. 

Area’s I feel as though I could improve upon are especially for the next speech is spend more time practicing. Since, this speech is on own I don’t have any group members there to depend on, which I think will be better for me in the long run. 

Overall, I do feel like this presentation was a success. Each group member did an excellent job performing their character. I feel like our audience was entertained and we kept them interested in who our characters were suppose to be displaying. This presentation was also a lot more fun to do because it was all our own and it allowed us to be creative, and there were not many boring guidelines for us to have to follow like in the last speech, where we just did it over a chapter in the book.

Group Presentation

For our group presentation I feel like some of my strengths were a good speaking tone and I feel like I showed good examples to the class in way’s that they would understand some of the concepts. I also feel like I did make good eye contact with the audience throughout the presentation. As a team I feel like we did a pretty good job. I think that we had a good tone, showed good examples for some of our topics and tried to relate with the audience keeping their age in mind. I feel like my group did help me present better because we knew when each of us were suppose to present and split up the project evenly, if I ever had any questions a member was always willing to help me out.
The areas I believe that I need to improve upon are still my rate at which I speak. I am still talking a little faster, which I need to learn to slow down and relax. Also, for the next speech I need to not be so reliant of the power point. I need to really have down what I want to say so I don’t have to be dependent of the power point. Some things I think we can do better as a team is really discuss our focus on the project and really use our class time to our full advantage to help out with the project.
My overall experience with this presentation is positive. I feel like as a group we really work well and each of us being intelligent individuals all brought something to the table to help our presentation. I’ve worked with other groups where only two people did all the work and it took a lot of time to accomplish our goal and ended up being unsuccessful. I feel like this was not the case with this group because we each did our own part to help with the presentation, we each had ideas that helped accomplish our goal, which overall was to produce a presentation about the chapter that our classmates would find interesting and useful.

First Speech

I had a hard time coming up with a topic for this speech. I think this was mainly because i’m not use to talking about myself. It’s hard to notice things that you and why you do those things when you do them all the time. I enjoyed listening to the other classmates speeches I found them intersting and some very creative. For my speech I chose to talk about why I like BG becuase I honestly thought I would hate it. I found out that BG has meant a lot more then just going to school that’s why I tied in family, friends and location. I know that my speech ended up being on the short side becuase of how fast I talk. When I practice by myself I can do it slowly and clearly. However, when I get infront of a goup of people I ten to talk a little faster. Throughout this course I really want to try to slow my speeking down, plan out timing better and try to be more creative.


Hello, my name is Mary DeMoss. I’m a sophomore here at BGSU majoring in Interpersonal Communications and specializing in Organizational Communication. Someday I hope to work in Human Resources and move to the city. Although, I would like to move to the city after college I am from a small town called, New Riegel. On my free time I like to play sand volleyball, watch movies and hangout with my friends.

Reflection to class 01.21.09

My reflection to last class was I found it to be interesting. I thought this because it was nice to see all the different views from each group as to what they thought was ethical and how their views related to other groups. All of the groups top five were all very similar to one another, which is good because we all expect some of the same things from one another. Overall, all the groups came up with ethical  responses and I look forward to see this ethics further into class.