Speech #2 Reflection

The second speech I did was as a group, which made it a little more challenging then the first one. It was kind of difficult at first to get everything moving for the speech and to prepare for it. No one really took the initiative as a group to organize and assign people what to do, and the speech was getting closer. I decided to go ahead and send an email to the group stating what we should do and how we should go about it doing it, luckily that went over well, sort of. Everyone was good with their part, however we never heard from one our group members, and the speech was getting closer. We decided just to organize the speech without that member and continue on with our progress. Everyone new their parts, what they were discussing and everything seemed to be going smoothly, until the day of the presentation. Three out of the four group members were ready to go, when the news came that one of our members wasn’t going to be able to make it to the speech due to an illness. Once we found this out, the nerves kicked in to overdrive.

The speech had to go on, so we improvised. We were going to give our speech to the best of our ability. I decided I would take over the part of the missing group member, why I thought it would be a good idea, I am not sure. I was pretty nervous getting up there and not know exactly what I was going to discuss when the new part of my speech came along. I delivered my speech, pretty well, I thought. Of course, I can always work on better eye contact and speaking at a slower rate. After I delivered my section, I new there was another section I was going to have to deliver to the audience. Not know this part very well, I had to read straight from the paper and improvise as much as possible. I felt I got the information delivered, but wish I could have been more prepared for it.

Giving presentations and speeches in front of a group of people can be difficult, but adding in the elements our group had, made it a little more difficult. I feel with everything that was thrown at us, we did a decent job. Plus, going first is never easy!

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