Speech #1 Reflection

Well, now that the first speech is over, I can definitely relax.  The first speech for me is always the worst.  Getting up in front of people you have to see for the next thirteen weeks is nerve-racking.  If you mess up, you still have to face them again.  For me, it is much easier to get up in front of a group of people I will never see again, but that is not the case for this class. 

Once, I got up in front of the class, the nerves begain to kick in.  I could felt nervous, I was shaking, and I could feel it in my voice.  I know that if I just take a deep breath and let it go, I will be fine, but I never seem to think to do that when I am up there.  My voice was quivering, but I was getting through the speech.  I tried not to look at my note cards too often, but I know I looked at them more then I should have.  As the speech went on, I could really hear my nervousness in my voice, which I’m sure everyone else could too.  Between being up in front of people and making sure I spoke for an adequate amount of time, my nerves were fried. 

Once I sat down, I was releaved, the speech was over.  But I felt that I did not do as well as I could have because I was nervous.  I told my friend how nervous I was, and of course, he said that he could tell in my voice.  But at least the first speech was done and over, and I could relax, and start preparing for the next one.

I know I need to learn to relax, just take a deep breath, and do my best.  Having 25 people staring right back at you and trying to deliver information to them without getting a little nervous seems impossible, but it is something I will continue to work on.  Getting up in front of people is something that will not go away, especially when I enter the work force.  All I can do now is hope that the next speech goes a little smoother and I hopefully won’t get as nervous.

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