Hello. My name is Erin O’Riley and I from Marietta, GA, a suburb of Atlanta.  I have lived in many different cities throughout my life, most in Georgia, Alabama, and Florida.  I graduated high school in 2002, and then went on to college at the Florida State University.  While at FSU I rushed a sorority and played lacrosse for the university.  I had an amazing four and a half years there and I graduated in December 2006 with a bachelor of science degree in family, child and consumer sciences, with a minor in communication.  After graduation I had no clue what I was going to do, so I moved back home to Marietta and began coaching lacrosse at a local high school.  I have always enjoyed being involved in sports, and realized then I wanted to make a career out of it.  I decided to go back to school to get a degree in sport management, which brought me here to Bowling Green.  This is my second year at BGSU and I will graduate this year with a degree in sport management, and then back out into the real world.  This time, I am actually looking forward to it, I am definitely ready to finish school.

I have always been involved in sports. For three years I played goalie for the FSU women’s lacrosse team.  I also the treasurer for the team.  I am a member of a sorority, and I also held positions within the house. Currently I work for the BGSU football team as a recruiting coordinator assistant.  Last semester I was able to do my practicum with the BGSU football team, with the director of operations.  I was able to gain a lot of experience and learned a lot about the business.  I enjoy working with the football team and being involved with the program.  

This is just a little background information about myself.

4 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. anarbsm
    12:43 pm - 1-21-2009

    Hi Erin, good to have you in my class again!

  2. ahuffma
    8:00 pm - 1-26-2009

    Hey Erin! Im so envious that you live in Atlanta! I love that city and I REALLY want to move there after graduation!

  3. ecohen
    8:18 pm - 1-26-2009


  4. ecohen
    12:09 am - 1-28-2009

    and to add to my wow! i am jealous u got to play soccer at fsu! college sports would take up so much time but if u loved it, it would be amazing!

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