Speech #1

February 9th, 2009 by cearly

i felt that i did very well on my speech given the short amount of time in which we had to present. my original first draft of the speech went 10 minutes long so it actually took me more time and effort to reduce the length of the speech then to write the speech. i was not very nervous though i do not have a problem with public speaking i usually feel very comfortable speaking in front of other people. especially when i was talking about myself. i will be looking forward to my next speech with my group.

Reflection to class

February 9th, 2009 by cearly

i thought the class was a good way for everyone to brains storm and get their own personal ideas out there. Also it was good timing to have this before we gave our first speech so that everyone knew how to behave properly. even though most ideas were repeated that only stressed the importance of those certain rules and regulations.


January 21st, 2009 by cearly


my name is chad early, i am 21yrs old from Perrysburg, Oh. ive lived and went to college(univ. of north florida) in jacksonville FL for the last 3 yrs. i played HS golf all 4yrs and in college for 2. i enjoy watching and playing sports and all card games(esp. poker). i am going to be on the 4th major by the end of this semester. i started as a sport man. then business and then on to history. im in the process of deciding between a major in IPC or Event Planning. other than that im pretty easy going and enjoy a good conversation.


chad early

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