Demonstration Speech

April 27th, 2009

I thought that my demonstration speech went pretty well.  I feel like I correctly demonstrated and taught the class how to shoot a basketball. 

One thing that I think I need to work on is my tempo.  I think I get too excited and start speaking too fast.  It can be difficult for people to hear and understand me, plus it can cause me to stutter a little bit.  I am not concerned about my time, because it was because of the 2 videos that I went over.  I feel like I accurately hit the time.  Another thing that I feel I did much better with this time is eye contact.  I can specifically remember making eye contact.  I think I felt more comfortable making eye contact because I felt very comfortable with the topic.

I feel like my visual aids were beneficial as well.  The videos were good and related to the topic.  The basketball, of course, is the most important aid.  I also used myself as a visual aid, because I showed the proper body placement and showed the mechanics of the shot.

Presentation # 3

April 6th, 2009

I think that this presentation was very good for me.  I really enjoy portraying a certain role, and have a lot of fun as a speaker when being able to do so.  I think that one of the strengths of this speech for me was the fact that I have been an athlete in high school.  I understand what it means to be a jock, and how we are perceived by those around us.  Due to the fact that our individual presentations are short, I feel like being prepared really helped.  As far as skills go, I feel that I have a good tempo, not too fast or too slow.  Another skill I think I have is the ability to look at the entire crowd.  I tend to make eye contact with a wide range of people and that helps me to show that I am not speaking to one person, but to the audience as a whole.

I feel that as a team, our presentation was very good.  It may have been a little confusing at first, but we made it work very well.  I feel like we were very prepared and did a very good job in presenting.  My group members definitely helped me in the process as well.  We communicated very well and discussed many different ideas. 

I think that I have a few areas that I need to improve upon for my next speech.  Due to the fact that the next speech is very long, I will need to take a lot more time preparing for the whole thing.  Also, I will need to slow down my pace for the next presentation.  However, I strongly feel like I will be able to do this because I have a lot more time to present my ideas. 

As a team, I do not feel like we have that much more to improve upon.  The only thing that I really think we could work on would be our communication.  Because we are all very busy, it was hard for everyone to attend all the meetings, and we did get everything taken care of, but this aspect can always be improved.

I really liked this speech.  I think that this has been my favorite presentation so far.  We were able to have some fun and I think all the groups did that.  I liked it much better than the chapter presentation because there was so much time to fill, and we were not really able to be relaxed and have a good time.  I think that this presentation was a lot more fun and a better experience than the last one.

Group Presentation

March 25th, 2009

I think that one my strengths from this last speech was my improvisation.  When we agreed to divide this speech into sections, I got the introduction and conclusion.  My main job was to do the powerpoint.  So there was not very much for me to discuss.  When presenting, I like to be very simple and straightforward.  I normally am very prepared and have many different things to discuss, but do to the fact that I had a little amount to talk about, I did the reading and talked about it.  I think that I am a good presentational speaker.

I think that as a unit, we presented our chapter very well.  We covered all the points and ideas of the chapter very well.  There was a lot of technical content in this chapter and every person covered all of them wonderfully.  I think that my teammated did a good job in helping me present.  For the conclusion, I basically restated what they said earlier in the speech.  Because I had the conclusion, I worked with them on what I was going to say to have a good conclusion and introduction.

I think that for our next speech we could divide up the speaking opportunities more evenly.  I realize that the powerpoint is a very tedious assignment for any group, but I felt like I could have said more.  With our next group presentation, we have split everything up move evenly.  I think for my next speech, I could prepare a lot better and have a set design for what I’m going to say. 

As stated above, I think that we could split up the jobs a little more evenly.  Also another we could do was to be more concerned with the timing of our speech to make sure that we cover the alotted time.  Another helpful thing for our next speech is that we are all here before we present.  This last speech, spring break seemed to disorganize things. 

I liked this presentation.  I think that it is an effective way to teach a chapter and another way to get people in front of the class.  However, I would rather do presentation on my own instead of in groups.  With group presentations, I do not think they are as effective than individual speeches.  I feel like I learn more from individuals than groups.

Introductory Speech

February 8th, 2009

I really had a hard time coming up with my topic.  I think that it is really hard to figure out what you want to tell other people about yourself.  Once I decided to use running, I found it much easier to continue.  As far as delivering my speech.  I thought I did pretty well.  I did not read from my notecards, and my tempo was pretty good.  I also thought I did an excellent job of timing as well, but I did cut it really close.  A couple of problems were that I did forget somethings, but with my timing, it worked out well.  I also feel like I spoke a little fast and used my hands too much.


January 26th, 2009

Sorry, my last intro is now a comment.  I am Dan Houston, I was born and raised in Wadsworth, OH, which is about 20 minutes southwest of Akron.  I am currently a sophmore at BG, majoring in sport management with a focus in enterprise, and a minor in spanish.  Also, I am on the club track team, where I usually run the 800m and 400m and throw javelin.  Plus, I am training for sprint triathlons, which I hope to compete in over the summer.

Jan 21 Class Reflection

January 26th, 2009

Last Class, we discussed the similarities and differences in public speaking and speaking in a conversation.  One of the similarities was that you need to organize  your thoughts logically.  Another thing you need to be able to do is adapt to listener feedback.  One of the differences is that in public speaking, more formal language is needed.  Also, public speaking requires a different method of delivery.