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Subphylum Chelicerata behavior

revised Dec. 1 2017 Chelicerata subphylum Behavior    Subphylum chelicerata is a well-known phylum including horseshoe crabs, sea spiders, and arachnids. They are all under the phylum arthropod in the kingdom animalia. Some of the common physical features that all … Continue reading

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Myriapoda Reproduction

Revised on Dec. 1 2017 Intro    Insect reproduction is a wonderful and disgusting miracle of life. This week we will be looking specifically at the subphylum Myriapoda. This is a subphylum that includes many insects we have around our … Continue reading

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Anthropoda Physiology

Revised on Dec. 1 2017 Anthropoda physiology

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Mollusks and Elysia Chlorotica ecology

revisited Dec. 1 2017 Intro Mollusks are a widely known phylum of creatures that have many different names all around the world. Take a common mollusk here in the United States, the squid. In english it is squid, in French … Continue reading

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Crustacean pros and cons

Revised Nov. 30 2017 Crustacean powerpoint

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Annelid Reproduction

Revised on Nov. 30 2017 annelid powerpoint

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Echinoderm Physiology

revised on Oct. 9 2017 Each creature on earth has some kind of distinguishing feature that the brain clings onto in order to be able to recognize that organism at a later date. It is no different when trying to … Continue reading

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Platyhelminthes Ecology

  revised on Oct. 9 2017 Flat worms are by far some of the most interesting and down right disgusting creatures that exist in our world today. They are creepy little creatures that tend to be parasitic to a variety … Continue reading

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Tardigrade presentation

revised on Oct. 9 2017 Here is my presentation on tardigrade reproduction Tardigrade reproduction

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Phylogenetics of Siphonophora

revised on Oct. 9 2017 Phylogenetics of siphonophora Click link for PowerPoint presentation slides.

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Porifera Reproduction

Revised on Oct. 9 2017 By: Kimberly Cerilli When you think of sponges the last thing that probably comes to mind is how does this squishy looking organism reproduce. However as with all areas of biology this is another unit … Continue reading

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