Dr. Bruce Olav Solheim, a 1993 PhD graduate of the History Department, recently published Making History:  A Personal Approach to Modern American History (Cognella Academic Publishing, 2016).  According to the publisher, Making History “takes a personal approach to American history. It gets readers excited about their own roles in making history and empowers them to make changes for the betterment of their country.  Making History begins with the important point that while most standard textbooks refer to events that have shaped America, these events didn’t happen to American – they happened to individual Americans.  It is individuals who give their lives in armed conflicts and lose their homes during financial downturns. With its non-traditional take on events and their impacts, Making History is a free alternative to survey courses in American history and historiography or classes in American civilization.”

Dr. Solheim is a Distinguished Professor of History at Citrus College in Glendora, California.  He was a Fulbright Professor in Norway in 2003.  He has published five books and written six plays.