SMG, pp.226-228

This reading consisted of a passage titled “What’s the Matter with Kids Today?” by Amy Goldwasser. The essay was about the technological benefits dealing with the use of the internet and the effects it has on the teenagers in society today. While most parent’s and adults view the internet as a villian, Goldwasser views it as a rather superhero. Students and teens today voluntary write for fun whether it be on a blog or on their friends Facebook wall. A statistic in the passage stated that a teen spends an average of 16.7 hours a week reading and writing online. Goldwasser believes that through this, teenagers of todays generation have the potential to become the next greatest voices of America.

I thought this essay held a very valid point, though I believe her writing style was extremely difficult, making her writing hard to read and follow. At first I had difficulty telling which side of the argument she was on. However, I agree that the internet poses extreme benefits for all generations of todays society. I personally believe that through the internet, it is much easier to educate oneself.  The easy access to information allows students to be stronger writers due to the fact they are able to easily educate themselves on any given topic. I believe those of the older generation have such a negative view on the internet due to the fact that some do not even know how to work a computer. This frustrates them and the automatically assume the worst. I believe if they take the time, they will be able to see the benefits that computers are capable of.

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