SMG, pp.309-314

This assigned reading was broken into two different sections, “Revising” and then “Editing and Proofreading.” The first section shared different ways of how to improve your draft. You should first start by reviewing comments and critiques from fellow classmates or your writing instructor. Then you should make an outline of your paper in order to help you see all the major points you covered. This section also presented us with a chart that listed potential problems a reader may run into with your essay. It then listed several different approaches to solving these problems. The following section reviewed common grammatical errors that students often make. It went over the proper usage of commas with conjunctions as well as the correct punctuation when it comes to conjunctive adverbs.

The part I found the most beneficiary was the problem and solution chart. After submitting my essay to the Writing Center, I received much feedback on my essay. My trouble spot in my essay was my counterargument. Using the chart I found the section referring to my specific problem and took the listed suggestions into consideration when I began to revise my paper. I also found the second section to be very helpful as well. I often overuse commas and by the book giving specific examples of when and when not to use commas I feel much more comfortable with the topic.

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