Hi! My name is Hannah Hilyard, and I am a sophomore at Bowling Green State University and am from Peoria, Ill. Everyone assumes if you are from Illinois, you are from the Chicago area, but Peoria is actually about three hours south of Chicago and about three hours north of St. Louis.

I am a pretty busy person, so when I actually get free time, I love just lounging on the couch watching television or movies. In high school, my best friend and I loved spending a whole day in front of the television watching our favorite shows. My favorite shows are “Glee” and “One Tree Hill”. I also love “How I Met Your Mother”, “Modern Family”, “Dexter”, etc. Whoo, I could just go on and on and on. I also enjoy critiquing new shows.

Another fun fact about me is that I love sports. I am actually typing this blog as a distraction from the Detroit Tigers/Texas Rangers playoff baseball game because I am a huge Tigers fan and am too nervous to watch. I played volleyball all through high school and play club at the university, as well.

Well, as you can tell, I am a pretty chatty person and cannot wait to dig deeper into this blog. This blog is going to dive into specific news stories relating to television. It’s going to be all television, all the time!