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Trade show display

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The company I want to display in my tradeshow is Nikon and I want to display all of the different types of cameras available. The purpose of going to the trade show will be to convince store owners that they want to sell Nikon products at their stores because they will receive more customers. I also want to convince photographers that Nikon is better then all of it’s competitors, specifically Cannon because those two companies are huge competitors. Nikons lenses are known as Nikkor and those came about in the 1930’s and in 1946 the name Nikon was used for their cameras. Ever since then Nikon has continued to grow and they have produced dozens of cameras that create high quality images.  I want to capture this in my tradeshow display by having panels that display images that Nikons have taken a long with images of some of the products they offer. I also want to have a TV mounted in my trade show to display a slideshow of images and videos that have been created from a Nikon camera. I will also display actual cameras so that the customers can try them out and see first hand how great the products are. One message I want to convey to the audience of my trade show is that if you are a storeowner and you choose to sell Nikon products your business will thrive because Nikons are such great products. Another message I want to get across is that Nikon is the only camera to buy and it is better then all of its competitors. By showing customers the features on the cameras directly and displaying images Nikons have taken the audience at the trade show will be convinced that Nikon is the camera to buy or sell. The influence for my trade show designs is this display:

Some images I would like to display on my panels are the following:

Here are my thumbnails and comps:


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I am creating my billboard for the Toledo Zoo. I want to show the audience that the Zoo is for all ages and it is a great place for families to go and spend the day. The idea is to show adults that there is fun stuff for them to do at the zoo and they will want to take their families there because they know there is fun activities for adults too. I want the billboards to motivate adults to take their kids and grandchildren to the zoo with them. The message is that the zoo is for everyone, not just for young kids to look at animals. There are many activities that happen at the zoo for adults that no one usually knows about and that is what I would like advertise on the billboards. Some of those activities include “Brew at the Zoo,” “Senior Safari” and days where senior citizens get in for free. Here are some of the graphics I will be including in my billboards:

Here are my thumbnails and comps:

In-Store Display

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The product I chose to do an in-store display of is Apple ipods. I chose ipods because they are extremely popular but I don’t think any of the displays I have seen promote them well. The one I saw in walmart doesn’t allow them to stand out and when I was searching for them I couldn’t even find them. This is what the display looks like in walmart:

It isn’t too bad, it is simple and clean, but it isn’t the way I think they should be promoted. In my opinion, they should use the colors that they picked for the ipods in a fun and interesting way so that the in-store displays are eye-catching and make people want to buy an ipod. I found a few examples of companies trying to incorporate the colors in to their displays but not too many. Here is what I found:

These displays are more exciting then the walmart display and I am sure they get more attention then the ipods at walmart. I want to design a display for stores like Walmart, Target, and Best Buy because in the apple store you know you will find an ipod but in the other stores you might not expect to find one and with the display I want to design the customers would be drawn to the ipods. When researching I found a very interesting display and it was the first one I found that I thought was very appealing to customers.

This is the best ipod display I have seen and I think if this was in stores like Walmart they would sell a lot more ipods because of it. A few displays that I don’t like are:

I find these displays to be very boring and not something that will attract customers. The first one is a display where you can purchase something right from it, but I still think it could be designed better to allow customers to be drawn to it.

Here are my thumbnails and comps:

These are the images I will use if I select the comp. directly above this:


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This is a test post

Assignment 6

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In class assignment 5

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CD Insert

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For the CD Insert I chose to represnt the song “Happy” by Secrets in Stereo. I chose this song because the words really mean a lot to me and it makes me think of how lucky I am to have a guy in my life that loves me for who I am. I always strive to make other people happy and this is what this song talks about, I can truly relate to the lyrics. The photos I chose are of people in love and couples that are just plain happy. I want my CD insert to capture the emotion of the song and so I picked pictures that represent happiness. It is going to be very simple but it will represent all of the feelings that go along with the song. Here are the lyrics to the song:


I wanna be
next to you
and watch you while you sleep

holding you
lost inside
every breath you breathe

i dont wanna live a day without you
i just wanna be the one that makes you happy, happy
i dont wanna live a day without you
i just wanna be the one that makes you happy, happy

one minute more
a thousand years
it’s all the same to me

cause i’m incomplete
and i need you more
with every breath i breathe


i try to let you know
but my words get tangled up
and every time i find that i’m
outside looking in

can’t let this moment go
when you’re the only one
that makes me feel the way i feel inside

lately i’m falling for you
lately i’m falling for you


Here are the pictures I will be choosing from:

Here are my thumbnails and roughs:


Magazine Spread

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For my magazine spread I am going to do the restaurant Max and Ermas.I like the images I chose because they all represent Max and Ermas very well. I thought it was very important to find images of the food and make sure they were in the spread because the reason people go there is for the food. My thumbnails and sketches are below. They are simple but truly show the mood and lifestyle of the restaurant.


Assignment 4

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For this image I took parts from the real police car and copied them on to the red car. Then I used the free transform tool too make the pieces fit on the this car because they were not facing the same direction. I also used the clone stamp to fix a few details.

Movie Poster/DVD Cover

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The photos that I chose really express both sides of the movie. The girl starts out as an innocent high school teenager but then becomes a different person because of rumors and lies she started about herself in order to help out a friend. The main characters of the movie are in the last image and I think it is important to incorporate them in to the movie poster and the dvd cover. I don’t like the backgrounds of some of the images so I plan on cutting those images out and making my own background for them. My thumbnails and sketches are below.

Movie Poster -1

Movie Poster - 2

DVD cover -1

DVD Cover - 2

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