Teach Fractions, Percents, and Decimals in a Snap

Our new Fractions Modular Flip Charts come with four snap-together modules which allow the teacher to present fractions, fractional parts of a circle, percents, and decimals in a handy flip chart.  Included is a teacher’s guide that suggests different activities.  You’ll find this teaching aid at CURR TA 372.7 E244f.

New Math Teaching Aids

We are happy to announce the addition of new math teaching aids to our collection. Click on the title to check availability.  Math Dice Tub                                      Hands-On Decimal Cubes The Allowance Game                                     Fraction Flip Chart Student Decimal Boards                              Addition Unplugged Subtraction Unplugged                      Multiplication Unplugged Division Unplugged

Simple Fractions Puzzle Set

These fun food puzzles demonstrate wholes, halves, thirds, and fourths with bright photographs.  Suggested for ages 4 and up, these sturdy chipboard puzzle pieces are ideal for your math center. Check out the cookie, graham cracker, bagel, corn on the cob, bagel, and popsicle that make learning fractions delicious.  Located with the teaching aids at […]

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