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The CRC has all your money needs. We have books on what money is, following your money and what you would do if you made a million? We also have manipulatives to help make change, a video on economics for children, the game money sudoku and so much more.  Come in and check out our display and walk away with valuable resources.

We have more NEW teaching aids for you!


NEW teaching aids to check out!


Who are you?

In conjunction with this year’s common theme of “Who are you? Your choices, your identity, your future,” talk to your kids about who they are. Read the book “Who is Melvin Bubble?” by Nick Bruel. Your students will roll on the floor with laughter. After reading, you can talk about how each person can see you differently. Talk to your kids about seeing themselves through others’ eyes, and how their choices can affect how people view them in the future. Then you can do a project where they write their own story like Melvin Bubble’s where they interview their parents and their friends about themselves.


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Common Theme: Choices

Do you know what this year’s common theme is?

It is “Who are you? Your choices, your identity, your future.”

The CRC has tons of materials that can help you relate this common theme to your classroom. Check out these Choices and Think Twice jars. These fun little prompt cards can help to teach students about their choices and reasoning for making those choices.

Choices ThinkTwiceJar

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Happy Holidays!

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Celebrate the season with holiday books from the CRC:

Winter Solstice

Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Joyous Kwanzaa! And here’s to the return of daylight!

Math and Science Activities Guides from AIMS

Building a math or science lesson plan?

Check out the recently purchased AIMS Activities Guides

Some of the more than 50 titles included in the library collections are:

budding botanistelectrical connectionscircumference


These and other lesson planning materials are available for your use in the Curriculum Resource Center.

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