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Tweet about the CRC

   Send us some love!  Let the world know that #bgsu #library has an awesome CRC!  Why do you make the trip to the 2nd floor?  What are your favorite resources?  Follow the library @bglibrarian67.

Eat Your Vegetables

The Vegetable Song (tweet @totallyeustus) from Si Bennett on Vimeo. Here is a fun little ditty to encourage students to eat vegetables.  Pre-service teachers know that music always makes a topic more fun, and many classrooms are equipped to show short videos.  I might add that I also encourage COLLEGE students to eat their vegetables as well.  […]

Laminator Not Working

We’re sorry to announce that the CRC laminator is currently not working.  As of 9/28 we are not able to heat the machine.  Parts have been ordered and the machine will be repaired as soon as possible.  Watch for an announcement or call the CRC before bringing your project to be laminated.  The CRC phone […]

Frogs, We Have Them!

There are no shortage of children’s resources that feature frogs.  A search of frog books in our catalog displays no less than 212 books in the CRC alone.  Websites about frogs are available for children from great places like The Exploratorium and The American Museum of Natural History.  In addition, World Book Web available to schools through […]

Allie Finkle’s Rules for Girls, Book 1: Moving Day

Cabot, Meg. Allie Finkle’s Rules for Girls, Book 1: Moving Day.  New York: Scholastic. 2008.  ISBN:  9780545039475. Allie Finkle’s parents break some really big news:  her family is moving!  Fourth grader Allie isn’t so sure this is will be a good thing.  What about her best friend, Mary Kay, or her teacher, Ms. Myers at Walnut […]

Did Fleming Rescue Churchill?

Giblin, James Cross.  Did Fleming Rescue Churchill?  A Research Puzzle. Illustrated by Erik Brooks.  Henry Holt and Company:  2008.  ISBN: 978-0-8050-8183-1. This clever book reads like a middle-grade story, which it is, but it is also a how-to manual.  The narrator, Jason,  is assigned what he considers to be a terribly uninteresting topic to write his report on:  […]

If You Were Onomatopoeia

Shaskan, Trisha Speed.  If You Were Onomatopoeia. Illustrated by Sara Gray.  Minneapolis, MN: Picture Window Books, 2008. ISBN:9781404840980.. If You Were Onomatopoeia is part of the Word Fun series from Picture Window Books.  Bright colorful collages illustrate this concept book that explains and gives dozens of  examples of onomatopoeia. Included is a glossary, index, weblinks, and […]

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