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New Teaching Aids on a shelf near you!

The Curriculum Resource Center has just put out a bundle of new teaching aids now available for your use. They range from all subjects. Some of the new TA’s include a grizzly bear puppet, Toobaloos, texture squares, word & number swatters, sight word readers, high frequency word tiles, and much more. All TA’s are available […]

Need a Picture to Use In a Lesson Plan?

   We have LOTS of pictures for checkout.  Hundreds and hundreds of them on all sorts of topics that will surprise and amaze you!  Each picture checks out individually and can be kept for three weeks and then renewed.  To see a list of all the picture subjects refer to this Libguide at

Know Your Call Numbers!

   Most students don’t know a call number from a beehive.  So here is your twenty-second guide to call numbers in the CRC. Call number are the shelf addresses of library items.  A beehive isn’t. 1.  Write the whole call number down – letters  and all –  from the BGSU catalog. 2.  The first line tells you […]

Flippin’ Jumpropes, Batman

   Here is a shout out to physical education majors:  we’ve got teaching aids and idea books just for you. Here is a link to browse some of our great materials.  “One man practicing sportsmanship is far better than a hundred teaching it.” Knute Rockne

Help for those Pesky R-Controlled Vowel Sounds

     We’ve just added a new teaching kit: the R-Controlled Vowel Sounds Tutor Box.  According to the teacher card, activities are differentiated to address various learning styles-tactile, kinesthetic, auditory, and visual. All activities are designed to fit into a time frame of 10-20 minutes. Some activities are best for one student while others work well […]

New Primary Source Kits Added to Our TA Collection

                                            Social Studies teachers take note-we have added new primary resource kits to the teaching aid collection of the CRC.  Our popular kits, published by Teacher Created Materials, Inc, are always checked out.  This summer we’ve doubled our collection and now have a total of 31 different kits.  They cover age ranges K through […]

Ohio History Resources

  For those working on the 4th/5th grade endorsement, materials for covering Ohio History are always in demand.  To easily access resources from the CRC, search Ohio as a subject and limit the location to Curriculum Resources Center.  That search not only gives you results containing our  informational books on Ohio, but also a nice selection […]

Puppets and More Puppets!

It’s no secret that the CRC has puppets, in fact we are famous for them.  To find a list of our puppets, just use the library catalog.  Use “hand puppet” as a SUBJECT and limit location to Curriculum Resource Center.  To find our books on puppets, type in “puppets” as a KEYWORD, limit location to […]

A Social Skills Game

What Do You Say….What Do You Do…At School? is a colorful, fun, interactive board game for teaching and reinforcing important social skills that students need for successful interaction with their peers, teachers, and parents. Preservice teachers, counselors, and speech therapists  will be able to make use of this game. From Super Duper Publications.  Our copy […]

Cross Section Models

We’ve recently added four new cross section models to enhance your science lessons.  Made of durable, colorful foam these models have one half labeled for instruction and the other half marked for quizzing.  Allows your students to get a “handle” on concepts.  We have Earth Model (CURR TA 372.35 L437cro), Flower Model (CURR TA 372.357 L438c), […]

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