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Flipchart Friday

Flipcharts are a great way to enlarge visuals for the whole class. Here at the CRC we have loads of flipcharts, shown are some examples. The largest flipchart has 20 different graphs for you to either customize or write on to help your students. The clock flipchart has moveable hands and changeable numbers to correspond. […]

Have a Game Night with Help from the CRC!

What are you doing this weekend? Why not come to the CRC ad check out some games to have a board game night with your friends?! We have games like Scrabble, Shoots and Ladders, and Monopoly, just to name a few! Come in today! #games #FalconFriday #bgsucrc #gamenight #weekend

Math Magical Monday: wrap ups

There are about 3 weeks left before school starts! That’s a good amount of time to freshen up on those math facts. But, why practice them with regular old flashcard, when the CRC has many fun tools to help you like these wrap ups. We have ones for multiplication, division, subtraction, addition, and even fractions. […]

Safely Having Fun in the Sun

July is pretty sunny here in BG! While we all love some fun in the sun, the rays from the sun can be very harmful to our skin.  Sun exposure is one of the leading causes of skin damage and premature aging. Yikes! One way to keep yourself safe is to use a daily sunscreen.  Another […]

Perimeter and Area Dice Game

It’s #MathMagicalMonday! You know what that means! We have a fun math idea or game that you can play with your kids or students. Today, we found this game where students roll dice and use the numbers they rolled to draw the perimeter of a rectangle or square on a grid and figure out the […]

Inch by Inch

It is a great time to learn about measuring with these cute little inch worms. In this kit, you will find transparent inch worms to lay on your worksheet, inch worm rulers, inch worm stamps, and inch worms that snap together to help you measure. Also you have this great inchworm activity guide, so you […]

What’s That Wednesday: Patriotic Style

Did you know that the CRC has a Constitution that not only helps you learn about our government, but one that you can actually sign? With the Fourth of July coming up, it is a great time to learn about our government and how the U.S. came to be! Come check out our Constitution, as […]

Colorful Experiments

 Looking to bring color into your summer? What if we said you could do with the color black? Is black even a color? Click on the link for a colorful #ScientificSaturday science experiment, or come to the CRC to discover many Teaching Aids  and books about color! For example, Mouse Paint is a great book […]

Come to the CRC and have a ball!

Toss it! Catch it! Locate your right thumb and discuss what is written on the panel beneath your thumb. You can use them in classrooms, meetings, workshops, camps and anywhere a group of people gather. The soft thumballs help get people talking. They develop Social, Cognitive, Motor and Communication skills and are just plain FUN!  […]

Check this out!

Just in time for school to start, we have a bunch of new Teaching Aids for you to check out! They are located on a cart right by our circulation desk. We have a variety of new items from Reader’s Theater stories to new fraction manipulatives. Come in and check them out today!  

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