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Safely Having Fun in the Sun

July is pretty sunny here in BG! While we all love some fun in the sun, the rays from the sun can be very harmful to our skin.  Sun exposure is one of the leading causes of skin damage and premature aging. Yikes! One way to keep yourself safe is to use a daily sunscreen.  Another […]

Rain Rain!

Happy #ThrowbackThursday! As today is a rainy day, we felt this #tbt picture was appropriate. The CRC has tons of great books for you to curl up in a ball with on a rainy day like today. Come check them out! #RainRainGoAway #RainyDay #books


Happy Fourth of July! Check out this video about how the Declaration of Independence was signed on the Fourth of July long ago! Don’t just stop there! The CRC has many books about the Declaration of Independence, the fourth of July, and even some about fireworks. #fourthofjuly #DeclarationofIndependence #fireworks #bgsucrc  

What’s That Wednesday: Patriotic Style

Did you know that the CRC has a Constitution that not only helps you learn about our government, but one that you can actually sign? With the Fourth of July coming up, it is a great time to learn about our government and how the U.S. came to be! Come check out our Constitution, as […]

Summertime Reading

No need to pack a bag and travel this summer. Just head to your library and check out some books. Every book is an exciting adventure without ever leaving your home.

June is Gay Pride Month

Looking for ways to incorporate materials that explore issues of family, identity, stereotyping, relationships, and discrimination into your curriculum? Check out some of these CRC resources:  Michael Hall’s Red:  A Crayon’s Story is a 2015 picture book that explores stereotyping and identity. It has gotten great reviews (as collected in Children’s Literature Comprehensive Database: – /singlebook/LeROLNJNJQhKfmKj; if accessing […]

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Happy Holidays!

Celebrate the season with holiday books from the CRC: Christmas Hanukkah Kwanzaa Winter Solstice Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Joyous Kwanzaa! And here’s to the return of daylight!

This Week’s Hours

Are you preparing for a Thanksgiving feast?

Are you thinking of turkey crafts and cornucopias? Do you want to do something different that the hand Turkey? Well, we have a great surprise for you! Why not have your kiddos make a Turkey hat? That’s right! A Turkey Hat! You can do all sorts of projects with it! Have them write a story […]

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