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The CRC is priceless!

The CRC has all your money needs. We have books on what money is, following your money and what you would do if you made a million? We also have manipulatives to help make change, a video on economics for children, the game money sudoku and so much more.  Come in and check out our […]

Who are you?

In conjunction with this year’s common theme of “Who are you? Your choices, your identity, your future,” talk to your kids about who they are. Read the book “Who is Melvin Bubble?” by Nick Bruel. Your students will roll on the floor with laughter. After reading, you can talk about how each person can see […]

Common Theme: Choices

Do you know what this year’s common theme is? It is “Who are you? Your choices, your identity, your future.” The CRC has tons of materials that can help you relate this common theme to your classroom. Check out these Choices and Think Twice jars. These fun little prompt cards can help to teach students […]

Are you writing lesson plans for class or for student teaching?

Don’t reinvent the wheel! The CRC is here to help! We have many different places you can look! Check out our Ready Reference books! These are the activity books, and they are easily to identify them because they have orange dots on them and are located next to the copier. These books will always be […]

Differentiating Instruction

Much as been written about differentiating instruction, a set of teaching techniques which attempt to meet students where they are and to help the students fulfill their potential in meeting curriculum goals. To differentiate effectively, the teacher may provide different methods for accessing content, change the process through which the students build their knowledge, or […]

Earth Day 2014

Tuesday April 22, 2014 is Earth Day. Need help with lessons? Here are two 5-E lessons for Grades K-2 (Garbage Gurus) and Grades 3-5 (Where Does Our Waste Go) to help you plan for the day. Middle School or High School can use this video as a writing prompt on how to make our cities […]

Spring Break hours in the CRC

Pep talk!

Click here for a little beginning of the semester pep talk! Welcome to Spring semester!  It is great to see all of the students back on campus, in the library, and in the CRC!  Here’s to a great semester full of hard work, positive attitudes, and lots of fun!  Remember to stop by and see […]

Finding a fiction book

How do I find a fiction book or picture book in the CRC?  Here are three ways in which you can search. 1.You can begin by looking the book up in the BG catalog if you know the title of the book. If the book says available please write down the call number. Example: I am looking for […]

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