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Where and What is the CRC?

Welcome to BGSU! The Curriculum Resource Center or CRC is located on the 2nd floor of the Jerome Library. The CRC contains textbooks, literature for children and young adults, reference books, multimedia materials relating to areas of preschool, elementary, secondary and special education. The CRC offers instructional presentations, tours and orientation sessions.  Our materials circulate […]

Flipchart Friday

Flipcharts are a great way to enlarge visuals for the whole class. Here at the CRC we have loads of flipcharts, shown are some examples. The largest flipchart has 20 different graphs for you to either customize or write on to help your students. The clock flipchart has moveable hands and changeable numbers to correspond. […]

Have a Game Night with Help from the CRC!

What are you doing this weekend? Why not come to the CRC ad check out some games to have a board game night with your friends?! We have games like Scrabble, Shoots and Ladders, and Monopoly, just to name a few! Come in today! #games #FalconFriday #bgsucrc #gamenight #weekend

Timely Tip Tuesday

Want to use hand signals in your classroom? Here are some ideas to help you get started! Each picture below has a different system for the hand signals but both are effective in keeping kids on track and the flow going. Written by CRC Student, Alexandria

Perimeter and Area Dice Game

It’s #MathMagicalMonday! You know what that means! We have a fun math idea or game that you can play with your kids or students. Today, we found this game where students roll dice and use the numbers they rolled to draw the perimeter of a rectangle or square on a grid and figure out the […]

Fresh Veggies Day

Today is Fresh Veggies Day! To celebrate maybe stop a farmers’ market or the grocery store and pick up your favorite veggies and make a dish to share.  At the CRC, we have tons of fun manipulatives you can use and lots of books about farming, vegetables, and cooking. Come check out what we have […]

Colorful Experiments

 Looking to bring color into your summer? What if we said you could do with the color black? Is black even a color? Click on the link for a colorful #ScientificSaturday science experiment, or come to the CRC to discover many Teaching Aids  and books about color! For example, Mouse Paint is a great book […]

Flashcard fun!

Are you looking for a fun way for students to study without using your normal flashcards? Check out our die cuts! We have all the die cuts in this video! They are great for students to use! Also, they are great to help keep the knowledge flowing throughout the summer for next year! You can […]

Stress Free Zone

Take a break from finals and come to the CRC. We have table top and exercise activities for you to enjoy. Come alone or bring your friends. All are welcome!

Be Inspired!

Stop by the CRC located on the second floor of the Jerome Library and Be Inspired!!!   We have a board of quotes and words of wisdom that you may read. This time of year can be rough as projects are due and exams are right around the corner.  Some of you may be graduating and […]

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