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The Garden of my Imaan by Zia Farhana

Farhana, Zia.  The Garden of my Imaan. Peachtree Publishers. 2013. ISBN:  9781561456987.  The Garden of my Imaan is about a Muslim girl who tries to improve herself durng Ramadan. I liked the book because I lilked learning about Islam and learning words and phrases in Arabic and Urdu.  I would recommend it to other kids […]

Need a Picture to Use In a Lesson Plan?

   We have LOTS of pictures for checkout.  Hundreds and hundreds of them on all sorts of topics that will surprise and amaze you!  Each picture checks out individually and can be kept for three weeks and then renewed.  To see a list of all the picture subjects refer to this Libguide at

BIG Books

    Big books are wonderful tools to use for sharing stories with large groups of children.  All the little ones can see the oversized pictures and follow along with the words.  We offer a wonderful collection of big books, both informational and fictional, and each one checks out for three weeks at a time.  A […]

Today is A. A. Milne’s Birthday

   Celebrate Winnie-the-Pooh and honor A. A. Milne on the 131st anniversary of his birth.  We have a nice collection of Milne related books.  Some Milne quotes to enjoy: “If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you.”  Winnie-the-Pooh […]

Never Fall Down

      I just finished a gripping new novel by Patricia McCormick titled Never Fall Down.  It is the story of Arn Chorn-Pond, who as a child is caught up in the overtaking of  Cambodia by the Khmer Rouge.  Forced apart from his family and worked nearly to death, he survives by becoming a musician for the enemy, and  is […]

New Look: Children’s Literature Comprehensive Database

  The wonderful Children’s Literature Comprehensive Database has updated its look.  The functionality is the same, but the look has improved. Check it out  here.

Know Your Call Numbers!

   Most students don’t know a call number from a beehive.  So here is your twenty-second guide to call numbers in the CRC. Call number are the shelf addresses of library items.  A beehive isn’t. 1.  Write the whole call number down – letters  and all –  from the BGSU catalog. 2.  The first line tells you […]

Use the CLCD for Bibliographies

      When you need to find a children’s book on a specific topic and specific age/grade level try the Children’s Literature Comprehensive Database.  It allows you to find great titles on a topic, read the reviews, check the AR/Lexile/interest level on one really easy page.  Once you know what you want, click on the Check […]

Finding Fiction in the CRC

    The key to finding fiction in the CRC – picture books, middle grades, YA –  is knowing the author’s name.  If you know how to spell the author’s last name there is no need to know the call number, the titles are in alphabetical order by author .   Sooooo easy!     What if you don’t […]

Apps for Education

     No doubt tablet computers and smartphones are becoming more popular for use with children by both parents and teachers. Not surprisingly, apps designed for kids are a booming business. To help guide teachers through the maze of apps I’ve created a Libguide called Apps for Education. In it you’ll find plenty of sites that […]

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