Where and What is the CRC?

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The Curriculum Resource Center or CRC is located on the 2nd floor of the Jerome Library.

The CRC contains textbooks, literature for children and young adults, reference books, multimedia materials relating to areas of preschool, elementary, secondary and special education.

The CRC offers instructional presentations, tours and orientation sessions.  Our materials circulate to BGSU students, faculty, staff as well as to  educational professionals and the community.  In other words we have some fun stuff like puppets, lesson planning idea books, pop-up books, big books, new books, audio books, opportunity to write book reviews for our blog, games, teaching aids, printer, space to work or study, Smart notebook software on our computers and a Smartboard.

The CRC also has a hot laminator, Ellison and Accu/Cut Machines, and a friendly reference service by experienced teachers. Want to know more please visit our website at


Click on the picture to get a closer look at where we are located.

Stop by the CRC and check out what we have to offer YOU!

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