Spacing out!

On this dayOn this day, in 1931, the 1st rocket-powered aircraft design was patented by Robert Goddard.  With his work, many space crafts and work in space would not have happened.  His work was so well respected in early astronautics that after his death there was a formal dedication to him for his work with NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center on March 16, 1961, 35 years to the day after the professor launched the first liquid-fueled rocket from his Aunt Effie’s farm.  Come in to the CRC today and check out some of our books on space and NASA.  They are out of this world! #rocket-poweredaircraft #it’s_science #RobertGoddard #NASA #BGSU #FalconsFlyTogether #bgsucrc Written by CRC Student, Rachel #crcstudents

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