Are you preparing for a Thanksgiving feast?

Are you thinking of turkey crafts and cornucopias?

Do you want to do something different that the hand Turkey?

Well, we have a great surprise for you! Why not have your kiddos make a Turkey hat?

That’s right! A Turkey Hat!


You can do all sorts of projects with it! Have them write a story as if they were a turkey, or have them write what and who they are thankful for on their feathers!

Start preparing the hats by coming in and cutting out the pieces using our Ellison Die Cut in the extra-large die under Hat, Turkey.


Come in today!

Remember to stop by the CRC circulation desk to show us your die cut subscription card or pick one up for only $2.00 + tax

 The subscription is good all semester!

Learn more about our die cuts here!


Gobble! Gobble!

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