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This Week’s Hours

Are you preparing for a Thanksgiving feast?

Are you thinking of turkey crafts and cornucopias? Do you want to do something different that the hand Turkey? Well, we have a great surprise for you! Why not have your kiddos make a Turkey hat? That’s right! A Turkey Hat! You can do all sorts of projects with it! Have them write a story […]

Can you pass the gravy?

Halloween has come and gone, but Thanksgiving is just around the corner! Just like items at Black Friday, the Thanksgiving books are disappearing from the shelf! Come get your Thanksgiving book today! Check out which books are still available here!

Veterans Day Hours

Are you writing lesson plans for class or for student teaching?

Don’t reinvent the wheel! The CRC is here to help! We have many different places you can look! Check out our Ready Reference books! These are the activity books, and they are easily to identify them because they have orange dots on them and are located next to the copier. These books will always be […]

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