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Chance to WIN a FABULOUS prize package from the CRC!

Come join the CRC in celebrating homecoming week and participate in our prize drawing! Here is what you do: Come to the CRC circulation desk to get a form. Answer the questions on the form. Make sure your name and email is on the paper. Turn the paper in at the CRC circulation desk. The […]

Everyone can Learn to Ride a Bicycle

Have you heard of BGSU’s new Orange Bike Program? Campus Sustainability has placed orange bikes all around campus for your riding pleasures. Need a quick way to to get to your class that is on the other side of campus? Ride an orange bike! For more information on how to be a part of this […]

SMART Notebook software

Tired of always having to leave the CRC when you need to create a SMART Notebook interactive activity! Be exhausted no more! All the computers in the CRC now have the SMART Notebook software! Create interactive lessons and activities for use in the classroom and test out your activities right here on our SMART Board […]

New Teaching Aids on a shelf near you!

The Curriculum Resource Center has just put out a bundle of new teaching aids now available for your use. They range from all subjects. Some of the new TA’s include a grizzly bear puppet, Toobaloos, texture squares, word & number swatters, sight word readers, high frequency word tiles, and much more. All TA’s are available […]

Yummy times in the CRC!

Last week the staff and students in the CRC had a delicious surprise delivered to their doorstep!  Awhile ago, Jen had registered the CRC for a chance to win donuts and coffee from Dunkin Donuts through WSPD.  They chose the CRC as a winner and it was super delish!  Click the link to see what Fred LeFebvre had […]

New Ellison Die Cuts!! Cut-tastic!

Come check it out! We just received a new batch of die cuts for your use. Find a list of what’s new below!   Computer Monitor, Keyboard & Mouse Frog Tadpoles & Eggs Frog #3 Earth, Cross Section Recycle Symbol Organs (4 Die Set) States of Matter Ruler, 6″ to Scale Ruler, 15 cm to […]

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