Dirty Gert by Tedd Arnold

We’ve just added the new Tedd Arnold book,  Dirty Gert (JUV A758di).   Gert not only enjoys playing in dirt, she also likes eating dirt.  Her parents take this amazingly well, as do the local worms who find Gert “cool” and “amazing.”   All is fun and games until a bit of rain makes crazy things happen and Gert starts to take root and sprout.  Thankfully Gert’s mellow parents don’t overreact and continue to love her just as she is.

I was impressed with Arnold’s playful use of rhyme that would expand little vocabularies in big ways.  Check out these fun rhymes:  idolize-internalize-tantalize-energize-supervise-civilize-moisturize-appetize-reorganize-suprise-photosynthesize-recognize-santitize-disguise-deoderize-televise-legalise-analyze-immortalize-traumatize-jeopardize-fertilize! 

Happy reading, Kathy

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