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First Day of Classes

And we’re off! Fall semester starts today. As you get assignments for projects and papers, remember that the CRC is here to help you. We have idea and activity books, kids’ books, textbooks and other curriculum materials, and, of course, our wonderful teaching aids! Over the summer, we’ve been adding to our collections so we’ll […]

It’s Move-In Weekend

Move-in weekend. Setting up your room, connecting with friends, getting ready for classes. If you’re new to campus, learning your way around. As you get ready to start the semester, remember that the CRC is here. Even if you’re not an education major, you can borrow our games (Apples to Apples, anyone?), check out our […]

Mars Curiosity

Curious about the latest Mars landing? With Curiosity safely on Martian soil and sending back photos, you may be discussing the landing and the rover with young scientists. The CRC has books to offer for kids of various ages. Join in the adventure!

Welcome, New Faculty!

You’ll be in Jerome Library on August 9th for orientation, which might be the perfect time to visit the Curriculum Resource Center on the  2nd floor of the library. Our staff will be glad to  help you plan library instruction for your classes; show you the curriculum materials, teaching aids, and juvenile literature we have to support your education […]

Summer Olympics 2012

Archery, badminton, basketball, canoeing, gymnatics, swimming, fencing. The Summer Olympics are underway in London and will continue through August 12. Every day brings more events to watch and see how your favorites perform. Need a book on the Olympics for kids? The CRC has books for kids of all ages.                        

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