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Book People Unite

As a kid in the late 60’s and early 70’s  I remember the public service announcements from Reading is Fundamental, or RIF.  They were always about the importance of reading and trying to get books into the hands of children.  I recently saw a brand new PSA from RIF and was delighted to see they are […]

Titles I Can’t Wait to Get My Eyes On

Want to get some great summer reading in before we hear the annual ‘back to school” refrain from all corners of the media?  Here is a list of titles that are getting Newbery buzz that I’d like to read before the busy season comes crashing in. Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein.  Everytime I swear […]

Let it Snow!

                                                           We’re playing in the snow this summer at the CRC.  Stop by and check out our bowl full of Insta-Snow by Spangler Science.  It starts as a powder and erupts into fluffy white faux snow when water is added.  It’s cool science during a hot summer.

Books I Want to Read Based Only on the Cover

   Do covers count? You bet they do.  If they didn’t publishers wouldn’t create so many awesome ones.  In this post I’m highlighting some of the upcoming YA books I want to read based only on the cover.  Here is my Romance and Fantasy pick for the summer. Girl Meets Boy featuring stories by a bunch of YA […]

Money Websites for Teens

  The June issue of VOYA (Voice of Youth Advocates) suggests two money related websites: The Mint’s “Tips for Teens,”    A “millionaire calculator” and the “Power of 72 calculator” will give you solid figures on just how much money you need to save to be rich and how long it takes your money […]

Keeping Up with Reading and Math Over the Summer

     I can’t emphasize enough how awesome the Ohio Resource Center website is for teachers of preschool -12.  It is packed full of great lessons, ideas, and research.  Today I suggest checking out their feature ORC On.  It presents downloadable papers on timely topics that are grade leveled and full of helpful advice, activities and links.  […]

Gold Medal for Weird

  The Olympics are coming soon to a television near you.  In the meantime the CRC has children’s books about the Olympics.  Gold Medal for Weird by Kevin Sylvester features short one page stories about unusual and wierd goings-on at the Olympics.     One story is about Eric Moussambani Malonga from Equatorial Guinea who competed in […]

Help for those Pesky R-Controlled Vowel Sounds

     We’ve just added a new teaching kit: the R-Controlled Vowel Sounds Tutor Box.  According to the teacher card, activities are differentiated to address various learning styles-tactile, kinesthetic, auditory, and visual. All activities are designed to fit into a time frame of 10-20 minutes. Some activities are best for one student while others work well […]

New Primary Source Kits Added to Our TA Collection

                                            Social Studies teachers take note-we have added new primary resource kits to the teaching aid collection of the CRC.  Our popular kits, published by Teacher Created Materials, Inc, are always checked out.  This summer we’ve doubled our collection and now have a total of 31 different kits.  They cover age ranges K through […]

Red, White, and … Books?

What do you do to celebrate the Fourth of July? Whether you have a cook out with your family, light sparklers, or watch the fireworks and say “ooh … ahh,” wouldn’t it be exciting to read a fun book as well? Why not gather around after dinner and remember what the Fourth of July is […]

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