April Fool Prank for Teachers

Here is a prank for teachers to use with students.  I used to do this every year with my 10th graders and they always fell for it.  To be fair, they always pulled pranks on me so the fun was mutual.  Over the years I had invisible ink squirted on me, chalk imbedded in the erasers, chairs turned upside down, and wastebaskets hidden.  I always had a sense of humor about it and it was done in fun.  It is my opinion that teachers who don’t have a good sense of humor should take the day off!


DIRECTIONS: This is a timed test. You will be allowed only two minutes to complete it, therefore you must work quickly. Record your responses on this sheet of paper. 

1. Read everything before you do anything.
2. Print your name in the upper right corner of your paper.
3. Draw two squares in the lower left corner.
4. Place an “x” in one square and an “o” in the other.
5. Write your grade level in the lower right corner.
6. Print today’s date under your name.
7. Draw three circles in the upper left corner of your paper.
8. Divide each circle in half by drawing a line through the center horizontally.
9. Sign your name in the lower right corner.
10. Draw a circle around your signature.
11. Write your birthday under your signature.
12. Now that you have finished reading everything, do only as directed in the first sentence.


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